Tiimiakatemia in a nutshell

The Award-Winning Tiimiakatemia of the JAMK (Jyväskylä) University of Applied Sciences combines the worlds of business and education.

Tiimiakatemia was founded in 1993 by Johannes Partanen. During 17 years, the number of students increased from 24 to approximately 180 learners in 10 teams. All of them will graduate as Bachelors of Business.

All teams operate as independent cooperative companies. Students have to do real-life projects, which they have to find themselves, to cover all the expenses of the company. Projects function both as learning environments (for studies and developing the individual's competence) and as ways of doing business (for team companies). Learning is a process that is not divided into modules or subjects like marketing or leadership.

Tiimiakatemia has no legal control over its team companies; it only provides the coaching for the learning process. The main methods are learning by doing and team learning. Projects offer opportunities to apply studied theory directly into practise and also provide a platform for students to reflect on theory in light of their own experiences while studying.

Teams use dialogue as a tool to share knowledge and think together. The purpose of dialogue is to go beyond one individual's understanding – the whole organizes the parts, rather than trying to pull the parts into a whole. In dialogue, people become observers of their own thinking.

Teams use Partus Methods for learning. The same methods are also being used in some multi-corporal companies, such as Wärtsilä. Partus also has 200 adult learners using the same methods every year.

Probably due to the real life experiences, 42% of Tiimiakatemia graduates have started their own company by the 3rd year since graduation.

Tiimiakatemia's purpose is to help team members learn entrepreneurship. This is a very good goal as such, but it is sometimes hard to grasp because of its abstract nature. More concrete goals are needed to create group cohesion. A trip around the world is the concrete goal of each team, motivating every member to work hard to achieve it.

Tiimiakatemia has won numerous national awards for its innovative learning methods and development of entrepreneurship.

Many different leadership positions are available within the team and its projects.

No students but team entrepreneurs
No classrooms but an open plan office
No teaching but learning
No teachers but coaches
No simulations but real business
No control but self-organizing