A Journey of Learning

At Tiimiakatemia, you will embark on a unique journey into the world of entrepreneurship as you work in your own team-company. You learn by doing real business with real customers and real money.

Your most important learning tool is your team-company, which is established at the onset of your studies. You work and share ideas, thoughts, experiences, and what you've learned with your teammates. Together you practise team and interaction skills, which are vital in the professional world of the future. Instead of lessons, you will have coaching sessions and various projects with your team-company. In your coaching sessions (2×4 hrs/week), your team's coach will offer ideas and advice upon request. The coach is not a teacher, and he or she will not tell you what needs to be done next in the team-company.

Your own know-how will develop through your team-company's customer projects. By visiting your customers, you can create contacts with companies and people you are interested in and build your personal network for the future. What you know might not be as important as who you know. You will apply the theoretical knowledge you acquire directly into practice as you do business. Your studies will also be supported by conferences and Tiimiakatemia's internal training programs. These are the Young Leader's Program, the Marketer's Path Program, and the Innovator's Path Program (also known as 'Creative Intelligence and Flexibility' or 'CIF').

What Do You Want to Excel In?

Your learning journey at Tiimiakatemia will be mapped according to your own objectives. Everyone regularly updates a Learning Contract that defines their path to Personal Mastery.

At Tiimiakatemia, you will learn productization and service production. Marketing and sales skills will inevitably be needed in every project. You will learn to understand and manage your company's finances and to use financial numbers as incentives. You get to plan projects and will learn to choose the right people for project teams. By organizing events, you will learn to manage larger entities. During your three and a half years of study, you will get acquainted with many different forms of leadership, as you practise project leading and apply for leadership positions in your team-company or elsewhere at Tiimiakatemia. You also have the opportunity to work in international projects. You can also practise graphic design, coaching skills, or whatever you want to learn.

As you operate in your customer network, your courage will increase, and your self-confidence will rise with every success. Studying at Team Academy requires genuine interest in business and developing entrepreneurship.

Working as a team entrepreneur demands commitment and self-discipline, but it also gives a lot to those who love challenges and self-realization. Your success is evaluated by customers, your team, and yourself as a learner. Direct, constructive feedback gives you the opportunity to develop both professionally and as a human being.

Independent initiative, social skills, and the desire to develop and challenge yourself are central in studying at Tiimiakatemia. Courage to try new things and an enthusiastic attitude are also important. Our continually growing international business environment, our extensive customer network, and team support in learning are Tiimiakatemia's special strengths.

Our community-focused culture and our unique, inspiring environment are also exceptional. Everyone is responsible for helping and encouraging each other. Work opportunities for Tiimiakatemia graduates are abundant, as 91% of our students are employed within six months of graduation. Around 37% of Tiimiakatemia's BBA's launch their own business or continue their team-company's operations. In addition, many of our graduates have been employed in various marketing, sales, and other expert duties, often in the very companies they have cooperated with during their studies.