14.-16.1.2015 "It`s in my DNA now"

This was the last Learning Expedition with this project group, because LE is a rotating project so that as many teampreneurs get international experience as possible.
 This time we had some familiar faces, and two new members to our network. Alison and Claire we had met in the Team Mastery program, and then we met Karen and Mark who were from the Lincoln University, starting Tiimiakatemia there.

Our guests had already spend days in Tampere, getting to know Proakatemia, so they also had had a clue about Tiimiakatemia during those days. We decided to focus to deepen their knowledge by spending as much time with the teampreneurs and our coaches as possible; to make questions and chat about anything our visitors were eager to know about our every day life. 

”This is a great way to of being in the middle of the chaos, I saw the power of Tiimiakatemia” 

There was a lot of discussion about how these methods can be adapted to UK culture. But in the end of the day, we came to conclusion that the youngsters around the world are fundamentally the same; it`s the older generation that teaches every one how it ”should be done and learned”. But if the method of ”teaching” wants to be changed, the youngsters are likely to adapt that as well, and are likely to be happy with the winds of change.

We actually saw a nice wordplay; Generation Y, can also be seen as Generation WHY. And that what it`s all about; you have to WANT to know and learn WHY you learn. It all comes down to that an individual need to see WHY he`s doing what he`s doing.

 Very welcomed change to the usual program that we have was a home cooked dinner at Sara`s place. Our guests had eaten the whole week in restaurants, so home cooked mushroom soup for starters and oven-salmon with veggies was very much liked alteration for them:)



On the second day a special thanks goes to team Mittava, which once again promised to have their training session in English so we could follow it. That presented a good example of what a training session can include. And for us teampreneurs it was nice also. One should not question cross fertilizations benefits, since there was a customer competition launched there between team Millio (Sara`s and Aleksi`s team) and team Mittava (Anu`s team).


In the afternoon we had, as traditionally, a birth giving for our guests, where Saara, a member of the new Learning Expedition project group, was assisting and giving an insight. The challenge given by Alison, the leader of the UK Tiimiakatemia network, was to create a Marvel`s Supercoach character. They had quite a short time for birth giving, but we saw some great results, reflecting on the best qualities of a coach, like using more ears than mouth.20150115_143401.jpg

We had well-earned evening in Taulu`s Kartano where we joined the Team Mastery Asia group  and had a great time having dinner, going to sauna and hot tub under a clear night sky. 

 Like all the good things, this Learning Expedition also came to it`s end on Friday morning, when we only had time for post-motorola. It was delightful to hear that Karen, Claire and Mark had got a lot out of our program. They especially liked the fact that we are not afraid of showing our own and Tiimiakatemia`s both strengths and weaknesses. It shows an honesty, and that we are confident and happy with our style, and we have no need to pretend in front of visitors. They also saw the importance of not having an agenda, so there is space to do changes whenever needed.


”Tiimiakatemia isn`t a Jamie Oliver recipe, you can`t just have the best tools, you have to have a VISION”


From Anu`s, Sara`s and Aleksi`s behalf, thank you for all our wonderful guests for visiting Tiimiakatemia and growing Tiimiakatemia`s network. See you around :)


 29.9.-1.10.2014 "It's a must for curious, ambitious and open-minded people! "

This time we had 6 guests altogether, 5 from Brazil and one from Germany. The backgrounds of our guests  were very different once again. The paths to get to Tiimiakatemia were also interesting. Bert, from Germany we had met on our Learning Circus in Spring 2014 and the Brazilian group had heard about this through some German lady who had a list of intresting and effective schools around the world/Europe. She had contacted every one of them, but the most impressed she was from the quick and warm response from Aleksi. So that`s how they started to get the group together, and to add a detail that admires probably every Finn, one of our guests was first time abroad! Brave choice I must say.

 First day we bullied teampreneurs with all the burning questions we had on our minds and had dialogue afterwards, deepened our knowledge and shared our learnings. All the guests were very impressed and happy about teampreneurs` warm welcoming and wiling to answer the questions even they had hurry and projects to do. 

After the day our guests felt like they had learned to listen better and were already trusting the process, as we say. Fast learners!

The check out we went through by a bit different way, using the Jelly Baby tree as an opening statement.




 We had a lovely dinner at Jalo, where the bravest ones tried traditional Finnish dish with muikkus and mashed potato. 

The Day two started traditionally from Partus, where there were more questions to ask than there was time, but fortunately Partus people had time to join us over lunch in Asema Ravintola. We had nice conversations about the co-operation possibilities in future, both in Brazil and in Germany. Also we had some valuable feedback about Tiimiakatemia`s websites. Thank you for that! They said that we under promise and over deliver, if you look at our website. You just need to experience  this, and it is possible to understand is thoroughly in thee and half years, it`s challenging to understand in three days that the Learning Expedition lasts, and it`s nearly possible to understand by reading about it. Because it`s all about experiencing and learning by doing! But we will catch this point and hopefully we will become easier to approach. 


In a group with mixed people with different needs, it isn`t always necessary to try to push them into a same pattern. So we spent the afternoon in an improvised way, and split up all over Akatemia to do what every one of us felt important to themselves. Some read Tiimiakatemia related books,  some interviewed teampreneurs, and some did their learning contracts20141001_113728.jpg


The last day it was a time for the final challenge, the birth giving, that acts important part in our Tiimiakatemia community. The subject was to crystallize their key point of what they had learned about Tiimiakatemia during the two days, and share their information within the group, as well as the audience. 


Brazil is for sure a place to visit not later than on our world around trip, let`s see if there is a new Tiimiakatemia established before that;) 

"Team Academy's Learning Expedition was one of the greatest surprises I've had and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is seeking for a deep learning experience, being ready to detach from old school forms of being and doing. It's a must for curious, ambitious and open-minded people!", Patricia Cotton says.


Thanks to all the teampreneurs, coaches for being available for our guests.

 And of course special thanks to our guests who made a long journey to see this place! 


2.-5.2.2014 "I think I saw some of the best examples of facilitation"

It was Monday morning, and we sat in a car towards Tiimiakatemia. A great adventure was ahead of us, a group of 15 from the UK and a couple of teampreneurs from Jyväskylä. During the first day we talked about every ones expectations and got to know each other’s backgrounds. We also got to know some terms we use in Tiimiakatemia, and Sakari from Millio-team presented us their monthly check with nice-looking diagrams. After the first day we all were enthusiastic and couldn’t wait for the days to come.

Aleksi, the project manager of LE describes Monday’s dinner: “During dinner our guests had a chance to deepen their knowledge and ask questions from other teampreneurs who were at the restaurant with us. The discussions for example in my table were about teampreneurs’ past and current projects but also about life in general.”

Tuesday began with a trip to Partus. Johannes, the founder of TA, and Jukka, the bureaucracy-expert of this odd way of studying in a university, told us lots of stories and information behind the scenes. We also had the pleasure of tasting Runeberg’s tarts, and tested Finns’ knowledge of their own history and about Runeberg himself.


“How to coach learning-by-doing” was the question we searched answers to using “birthgiving” –technique. Groups presented different aspects of coaching, and we also learned that a coach has many different roles.IMG_1306.JPG

Mittava-team has a cottage café by the lake in the center of Jyväskylä, so we made a trip there. Janina and Kati hosted us and showed how the project looks like in action. We heard stories of their learnings and got to taste some delicious cottage-sausage and old style coffee. Cottage-master had left us a gift, a bottle of Finnish vodka and salmiakki-vodka. Everyone was brave enough to taste at least the normal vodka.


Our evening continued with no less than sauna! Eemeli from Millio-team was our MC, and told people nice stories about his life in Tiimiakatemia and what he had learned during his first 1,5 years. Emma had made us some reindeer meatballs along with other delicious food. Women got 10 years younger and men got red skin in the sauna. Aleksi didn’t let them go easy. All in all the evening was pleasant and I believe that was the night we really connected with each other.

Wednesday morning came quickly and the atmosphere was enthusiastic but also a little sad. Our journey together was about to end, and after this the hard part was ahead. How will we implement this system or parts of it in our own organisations? What does it take to get things started?

"You created an inspirational programme from which to show case the model in action- I learnt so much from watching you and 'doing'. Over the few days we were with you I think I saw some of the best examples of facilitation through skilled, challenging interventions to us as a group and to other teampreneurs, always with respect, aimed at promoting growth and understanding. I wish all our students could spend time with you" says one of our participants.

“Everyone had lots of ideas on how to continue the work back home. Now that we all know each other, we can help each other in the future. It was great to hear that people enjoyed these three days and we got really good feedback. It gives us energy to continue our work here in Jyväskylä”, responds Aleksi.



Thank you for reading, and hope to meet you in Tiimiakatemia some time!

Best regards, Anu from Mittava


 Learning Expedition 2013

Learning Expedition started with a new project group on January: Niko Kivikunnas as a project leader and Jussi Galla and Janina Lindroos as his side-kicks. Altogether we had four unique and in their own way powerful Learning Expeditions!

First Learning Expedition was already on January, the same week as Tiimiakatemia’s 20th birthday. We had participants from Hungary, Spain and, as a pleasant surprise, from Finland! We spent the evening before the anniversary in Taulun Kartano, where we met some people from Tiimiakatemia’s international network. So we had a chance not only to do birth-giving ourselves, but also see other groups making their own as well.

In April we had east and west mixing, as our five participants were from Russia and Spain. We had a chance to visit Tiimiakatemia’s creativity coaching program. Our guests had a memorable show, when they came up how to apply Tiimiakatemia’s methods to family life! Of course traditional Finnish sauna was a part of the evening.

In September we had a “mini-Learning Expedition” with our Dutch participants. They spent two afternoons with us, finding some meanings for interesting words like “learning contract” and “rocket model”. Our Dutch friends had a chance to visit some other schools here in Jyväskylä as well.

The last Learning Expedition set with our project group was with Chinese participants. They named their new team as a “Supervivalists”. On second day, we went to marketing schooling program in the Finnish countryside. Supervivalists got excited about Tiimiakatemia, the result of this Learning Expedition is now in Shanghai, as they are building a new Tiimiakatemia there.

All in all we really enjoyed our time in Learning Expedition project. Good luck and memorable moments for the new project group!

- Last project group, Janina, Niko and Jussi

The Expedition continues

Once again a new year started with the superweek when the TA network gathered
here in Jyväskylä to celebrate the 19th birthday of Tiimiakatemia. There were also
lots of visitors from abroad which enabled our guests to meet people from the
international network.

It was great to see that the network is also expanding to the east since Learning
Expedition got two participants from Kazaksthan – Alexsandr and Alexsandr.
Because of the unfortunated cancelations and the transition of the project group we
actually had more hosts than we had guests this time.

During our three day expedition both of our keen participants were introduced to
methods used in Tiimiakatemia. Between the scheduled program we also had
a great opportunity to have inspiring conversations from daily politics to cultural
differences of our two cold nations. It was a great start for the year 2012 and with
you we're going to make the most of it.

Best regards,

Project group Nina, Vili & Niko

What's cooking with Learning Expedition?


Learning Expedition started a new phase when new project group – Emma Ojala, Vili Nieminen and Maija Kotamäki – took over in the beginning of the year. Here we have just gathered some bits and pieces on what we have been up to. Please, read on to find out.

Action and mingling during the Superweek

Year was kicked off by annual Team Academy Superweek. Friends from near and far gathered in Jyväskylä to take part Team Mastery 3 (training programme for Team Coaches), Ignition (international gathering of young entrepreneurs), Team Mastery Arena (biannual forum of Team Coaches) and celebrate Team Academy's 18th anniversary. Naturally, we hosted Learning Expediton at the same time. We had eight participants from different parts of Europe: UK, Germany and Spain. Besides being introduced to TA's learning methods, explorers had a chance to get to know some of our international network. We joined Team Mastery and Ignition at Taulun kartano for birthgivings and traditional Finnish sauna.

Intensive Expedition with SOL France

In February Learning Expedition was organized specially for SOL France from Etienne Collignon's initiative. We had 14 participants representing various different organizations, most of came from France but few travelled all the way from Canada. This time we spent evening at Yellow Office of Monkey Business. We also had dialogue session with Iiro Kolehmainen regarding his thesis "Exporting Finnish Educational Learning Processes Through Co-Creation in Europe".

Just to add a new aspect to the Expedition, Mother Nature decided to challenge us with temperatures dipping low as -30C. This combined with some lost luggage (with your winter gear in it) can be a terrifying experience for somebody who has never experienced Finnish winter. Luckily we managed sort out some warm clothing so everybody was able to enjoy the snow and ice without freezing.

Relaxing dialogue in May

In May we had Learning Expedition with a group of three, two participants from Portugal and one from London. Due the small size of the group, we had chance to enjoy relaxed atmosphere with lengthy dialogue. Also, project group got a crash course to Portuguese culture!

At the end of May we also organized "mini-Learning Expedition" for visitors from Sweden. How can you explain all the wonders of Team Academy in few hours? Well, after being introduced to all the essential information we hope that they get bitten by the virus and come back for more.

And... we have learned a lot too!

Beginning of the year has been a serious learning journey to everybody in the project group as well. We would like to thank all of our participants and everybody from our network for their challenging questions and feedback! All that has been very helpful to us. We are constantly willing to improve the event so that our guests get the most out of it. If you have any ideas in your mind, please let us know : D

What's in store for the fall?

Next couple of months are going to be wonderfully busy for us. It looks like we will have several events coming up. Next event will be on 14th to 16th of September and in October we will organize event for UK Akatemia ( Hopefully we have guests from Germany and Brazil as well. And of course we are really looking forward to the event in January 2012!

Looking forward to new adventures!

Project group, Emma, Maija and Vili

Story about April´s Learning Expedition 2010


Our second Learning Expedition on this year is behind now. Experience was an awesome and the participants as well as we learned a lot on those three days. Here are some things what we discovered;

First of all we had 3 most amazing participants, Olga, Martine and Cecile who arrived from Strasbourg, France. Participants didn't know anything about Team Academy advance, so this was something totally new for them.

First day went very fast. Day's agenda was purely to get to know each others, why we (project group and participants) were here at Team Academy and what were the participant's expectations for the event and what questions they wanted to ask us or other TA teampreneurs (team entrepreneur) or coaches.

Chaos. Tons of new information, methods, enthusiastic people and lots of different emotions. Ladies were completely exhausted but happy at the end of the day. Here's some of the things we went through: what is team academy, team academy's vocabulary and explanations, theory behind our methods, questions in learning contract, pre-motorola, post-motorola, essays(what have I learned and how can I put it into practice), discussions about what is project and how do they start. Olga's challenge: Improve my pedagogical skills. Cecile's challenge: Increase my self confidence/trust myself more. Martine's challenge: Energy for bringing Team Academy to France.

On second day Johannes Partanen told the history of TA and what is the big picture behind starting this kind of program; We study in teams because learning in a team is faster than by individual. Teams have development levels, and only few teams reach the highest level. Some of the telling of a 'top team'=they are seeking the outside world, they have good network and contacts, there's good discipline in the team and they have learned to take care of the slower learners and they understand the value of education and invest on it.

On second day we crystallize our learning's and participant prepared a presentation. One of the leading questions was; How do you apply these learning's into action in your own work/ life?

The show was full of emotion even though there were no words in it. Team Academy audience enjoyed the show a lot and they gave a huge applause to the LE ladies.

Fantastic event with amazing people who we want to stay in touch with. We are looking forward to have this same feeling with the next LE participants in June.

Greeting from Team Academy Finland,

Project group Päivi, Nina and Emma

Learning Expedition March 2009

On the 18th of March a group of enthusiastic people from France, Spain and Finland gathered together; why? What was the main agenda for these people, why were they at the Team Academy Finland? I'm sure, that there can't be found only one right answer, but they were all participating in LEARNING EXPEDITION to Team Academy! Our dear friends; Olga, Pascal, Yann, Stéphane, Philippe and Thomas.

Our foreign penguins had a learning journey both to Team Academy methods, and also to Finnish traditions; already at the first evening, when we were at the Ranch, our friends from Strasbourg showed some real courage; they jumped right to the icy lake from the sauna! (No wonder they are entrepreneurs in France) ; )

Our following days held in a visit to the Castle of Schaumann (Partus-coaches' new working spaces right next to the Team Academy). We also went to the Crazy Town, which is a community for young entrepreneurs in the centre of Jyväskylä. Our second day held in also some cultural elements, we visited Alvar Aalto-museum; Aalto was a famous Finnish architect and designer in the modern art field. In the evening we enjoyed a tasty dinner at the Viking Restaurant Harald.

Learning journey had its climax at the Ranch; the group of international penguins gave birth! They learned to fly! They learned the basics about team work and team learning! They build a rocket! It was awesome. At the Ranch we had also a privilege to witness the birth giving from the Young Leaders 2009.

At the last day the participants also made a learning contract for themselves; it is a great tool for measuring different fields one should develop themselves. After the Learning Expedition the responsibility about the action is in the hands of the penguin. Team Academy's responsibility is to support in any way. I think we really succeeded to give the knowledge about basic Team Academy-methods! What is taken into action, then? We just have to wait and see. ; )

I want to thank my project group, Maija Kotamäki and Niku Raatikainen. And a special yellow thanks Monkey Business, especially Ville Keränen! And Pascal Bastien; without him this Learning Expedition wouldn't happen. Thank you, Pascal.

Ahead towards new challenges!

Minna Janhonen