Learning Expedition


What is The Learning Expedition?

The Learning Expedition is an intense 3-day journey which familiarizes you with the learning and coaching methods used in Tiimiakatemia. During the program you will personally experience this unique learning environment and hence gain insight on learning by doing, building a community, a learning organization and leadership. The event is organized and hosted by Tiimiakatemia's teampreneurs.

Is The Learning Expedition for me?

Yes it is. Teachers, professors, entrepreneurs and other professionals who are keen on developing their working environments or non-profit organizations have all found The Learning Expedition useful.

Why should I take part to The Learning Expedition?

The motivation and energy the teampreneurs get from executing their passion is unbelievable. We feel proud to say that all of our guests have left the Learning Expedition with some of that passion as well. Some of those guests have also told us that their visits to Tiimiakatemia always show up as a boost in their own business.

– As a leadership-Guru Peter Senge has said: "Come to the Tiimiakatemia If you want to see the future of management education".

Ready to join us on The Learning Expedition?

Please check out the 'Dates and Prices' page for the upcoming Learning Expeditions and fill out the 'Sign up' form on the respective page and you are ready to go!

Have you got any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact The LE project leader Emilia Niemi, emilia@waistot.fi